Close Protection

Discrete and Highly Attuned

Uniformed, suited or unseen. Our specially trained Close Protection Specialists provide cover, at home, and on the move.

We are discrete, and ensure confidentiality is kept at all times. We'll love to tell you the incredible people we've worked with, but being a security firm built on strong values and focus on excellence, we wouldn't dream of it.

Shadowing a special visitor for a shopping spree or dealing with a press call and the paparazzi, we will plan routes, prepare venues and ensure the day runs smoothly, so celebrity feathers do not get ruffled in the slightest.


Feeling Truly Protected

Our experienced personnel are trained to the highest standards, and are experienced to provide our clients with the relevant intelligence and ground studies that make their experience run smoothly. We respond to the specific needs of our clients, and offer bespoke services that ensure needs are met and safety is maintained, so they can focus on getting on with their lives without hassle.

From sports stars and Royalty to senior executives who’d prefer to be rich but not famous, our Security Agents and Professional Drivers keep trouble at bay.

Happy to Talk

If you, or a client requires close protection from a highly specialised service, we be happy to work out the details with you.

Simply complete our contact form, and we'll be in touch to talk through your specific needs.