About Us

Want a dynamic and bespoke solution to your security, based on excellence, value and cost effectiveness?

Guardwatch Security UK Limited is a Security Industry Authority Approved Contractor. We are a proven provider of Security Services and training throughout the UK.

GWS work to the highest industry standards including SIA Approved Contractor, British Standard EN 9001:2008, SSIP, Safe Contractor Approved, ConstructionLine and Builders Profile

Highly Trained and Qualified

GuardWatch Security provides security solutions to individuals, businesses and organisations of all kinds in all sectors.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide a high-quality & professional service to our clients - with staff we have personally trained and hand picked to suit your specific needs.

We believe that well-trained and passionate people are key to our success, so you can be confident on the quality of the team we'll provide to you.

Coupled with an impeccable track record and extensive expertise in providing security services to our clients for over 20 years, this means we are perfectly placed to provide you with a bespoke solution so you and your assets remain secured.


Professional Image

Our security solutions take your company image into account. Our highly trained, experienced and SIA-qualified guards have a distinct focus on professional image and demeanour – ensuring that your security provides an added value to your company, as well as safeguarding assets and people.

We work hard in order to positively reflect your business, add value to your project and strengthen your company whilst also protecting it. Strong decision making skills, teamwork and professional approach make our security teams stand out.

"Ive been a security guard for GuardWatch for over 6 years. I have nothing but great things to say about this company”

GuardWatch Employee

Proven Track Record

GuardWatch’s extensive skills and expertise means we are not only highly qualified, but also have a proven track record that demonstrates our achivements. 

We have the highest standard of manned guards at our disposal, as well as a vast range of technologies that we utilise and combine into our security plans – put together with over 20 years worth of experience in the industry means we are incredibly well placed to serve the businesses of South and West Wales. 

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A leader that teaches excellence

As well as providing security solutions to our clients, we are also leaders in training - providing a range of courses so that the staff you have on your payroll, are continuously updated.

Our training isn't about going through the motions. We are proud of our impeccable standards of training, and a focus on creating valuable and competent staff.

All of our courses are delivered by experts - people that have been there and done it, and are filled with real-world examples.

We make getting your staff updated or trained up in a range of skills easy. Browse our full list of courses - we'd be happy to talk through any questions you might have. Ask us about our team discounts!

The Management Team

James Price

As managing director of Guardwatch Security UK Limited I specialise in innovative and cost effective security solutions.

Today all business sectors are concerned about cost effectiveness and high quality. But under keen competition we can still find a unique position and sustain an outstanding mark in the market. It is attributed to our approach of growing together with the market providing a proficient and flexible security solution.

I lead train and manage a team of security professionals and have done so for over 20 years. My extensive skills include manned guarding, forestry security, renewable security, crowd management and event security. My knowledge enables me to create security solutions that give clients peace of mind.

I am proud what Guardwatch Security have achieved. Our investment in training, obtaining and maintaining our prestigious qualifications and accreditations have certainly paid off and has proved to be an excellent foundation for the future.

Dorian Davies

I have been involved in the security industry for over 36 years firstly in the Police Service and now in the Private Security sector and the changes during this time have been colossal.

I believe there is not and never will be any substitute for physically interceding between a violent perpetrator and his intended target whether the perpetrator is holding a gun, knife, suspicious package or a grudge, muscle on the ground is always vital.

I believe in dialogue with potential customers in order to investigate a way to integrate security with rest of the business and mitigate risk.

I am a security leader visionary and strategist who remains passionate about delivering exceptional solutions for our customers. For most of us learning new skills can take us out of our comfort zone but it is what must be done, quite often to keep up with and succeed in a changing world.

It is an interesting time.

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When it comes to security, one size never fits all.

What's more, security needs continuously change, and GuardWatch’s extensive specialist experience in the areas of asset protection, surveillance and technological security solutions means we can respond perfectly to your particular needs.

In this revolving dynamic environment we find ourselves in, no security need is ever the same. Get in touch with us for a no obligation assessment.