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We pride ourselves on the level and standard of our fully SIA qualified guards.

Your project or business will benefit from guards who demonstrate consistent professionalism, strong decision making skills and team work.

Our dedication to our clients in fostering great working relationships, means we are always available to offer advice and support in order to ensure your customers, employees and assets are continuously protected.

So whether you currently have security in place or would like security for a brand new project, we'd be happy to bring solutions to your security needs.

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Courses you'll enjoy, by experts

Our 20 years worth of training and expertise sets us apart from anyone else.

We are passionate about the level of effectiveness our courses bring to staff.

All of our courses are delivered by experts - people that have been there and done it, and are filled with real-world examples.

Our centralised, state of the art training centre is all you need to keep your staff continuously updating their skills.

Take a look at our full range of courses, and get in touch for amazing rates for group bookings.


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