Physical Intervention Training

This course is designed for nursing, care and medical practitioners or for those who come into regular contact with challenging behaviour, volatile and uncertain situations.

If you are an employee working frontline, public sector, transport, leisure and retail, licenced trade, youth workers etc. THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU.

Numerous breakaway techniques are included in this course to provide safe, physical skills and awareness on how to disengage safely from a grip or a grab. The course will enable trainees to gain confidence when confronted with anger or aggression, this includes positive body language and diffusing techniques.

Our course can be tailored the needs of the trainees.

Our instructors will monitor all candidates throughout the day before completing a final assessment.

Our Physical Intervention training supplements the one day Conflict Management course we offer. The two courses work closely together and can be delivered as a one day combined package or as a stand alone course.

Get in contact with us and we'll let you know when our next course begins!