Conflict Management

Our conflict management course is designed to boost confidence and awareness and highlight the risks of work place aggression and violence.

We discuss communication skills including body language and various ways to deal with the blocks to communication. We then introduce some scenarios accompanied with positive ways to resolve dilemmas implementing skills taught during the course.

We encourage the entire group to participate to experience the personal benefits from attending the course.

The school has proved very popular with teachers, social workers, public sector, community support staff and retail staff. All who have needed a confidence boost after receiving numerous day to day abuse and personnel threats whilst trying to carry out their daily duty. 

The benefit of this course includes the raising of awareness, confidence and team building, the assessing of personal risks in the work place and positive safe steps to reduce conflict in the work place. 

We do offer the Conflict Management course and Physical Intervention as a combined course to suite course bookings or to meet work place criteria.

Get in contact with us and we'll let you know when our next course begins!