Close Protection

For the professional seeking authority to work in the UK as a Close Protection Officer they must complete the necessary qualification.

Guardwatch training offer a 2 week Level 3 BTEC Edexel approved Close Protection course which once completed enables delegates to apply to the SIA for their Close Protection licence.

Course Information & ID Requirements (pdf)

Level 3 Close Protection

The level 3 Close Protection course is a demanding course with very high standards. Training will encompass all elements of Close Protection with emphasis on practical application of tactics and procedures.

Training scenarios are filmed to highlight specific areas of development and used constructively to support the trainee. Instructors are on hand to give guidance at all times.

The course includes; reconnaissance and planning, foot and vehicle drills, introduction to evasive driving skills, threat assessment, search techniques, route selection and evacuation drills.

During the course we will identify the threat and risk factors associated with the role of a Close Protection operative, high light dangers and direct our trainees towards the constant need to assess the situation in an operational sphere.

The training is strict, demanding yet rewarding. Team work is of paramount importance and trainees are expected to support others.

The instructors will encourage individuals throughout the course offering invaluable experience for the benefit of the trainee.

This is an exciting industry to be part of, if you want to know more about how to get involved, just let us know my contacting us.

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