Construction Security

Protecting Your Hard Work

Construction sites continue to be a high priority focus from thieves. Construction site theft is unfortunately on the increase as many high value items, such as plant and machinery are being stolen, broken down and shipped off to clients on the blackmarket. Less than 5% of all stolen items from the construction industry are ever recovered.

Protecting your assets

Petty theft is one thing, but when expensive plant is removed, this can have expensive consequences on any project in loss of time and revenue.

Some key issues our guards protect from are:

- Unauthorised Entry
- Equipment Theft
- Criminal Damage
- Rouge Contractors
- Arson

Bespoke Plans That Save You Money

Our uniformed security officers can provide the visible security you need to deter crime.

GuardWatch guard's protect,

-  Redevelopment sites
-  Building demolition sites
-  Civil engineering
-  Motorway/road construction
-  Support utility industries

Manned Security Guards

Manned Guarding continues to be the most effective security strategy for construction site. In many cases we can reduce your security costs by using our industry know-how and our knowledge of innovative practices.

With our security assessment, we'll be able to create a bespoke set of plans which could end up saving you money, whilst increasing your security protection.

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