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Solar farming has been booming since 2010, when the government introduced generous feed-in tariffs for small and larger scale instillations. Hot on the heels of this emerging industry, as ever, are the ever enterprising and sophisticated thieves - and they are not only prepared but organised and informed.

Using google earth to scout for newly established and developing solar farm sites, thieves are able to meticulously plan and organise their approach with military precision, knowing where to gain access and what equipment they may need.


Even the most isolated and remote solar farm sites will find themselves wide open and exposed to criminals who simply take what they see. Stealing panels from obscure locations may sound like a geographical nightmare to most of us, however these opportunistic thieves are using this as an advantage and hitting this new market off guard, quickly and easily stealing solar panels that may have taken days to install within just a couple of hours.

Farmers are however beginning to get wise to the issue, but usually after they themselves have been struck. One farmer explained to farmers weekly “My advice to other farmers is put security higher up your priority list. There is no scrap value in solar panels and if you go on the internet you can find them for £50-£100, so half price. There’s obviously a developing market and I just wonder if this might be the start of a crime wave.”

In order to safeguard costly investments from theft, vandalism and prevention of any un-authorised access both day and night requires a modern day solution for a modern day unique problem.

Guard Watch UK specialise in providing site protection with a focus on utilising state of the art, 007 bond style equipment born from drone technology. Fighting sophisticated thieves with their own technology brings it’s own degree of satisfaction, especially when it reduces site security bills by as much as 70% when compared to traditional approaches.


Mobile CCTV unit is a Robocop of a machine, providing 360′ HD video surveillance, eagerly watching over your site up to 150 meters in any direction in the night, and a staggering 1000 meters during the day.

If this scary looking piece of equipment doesn't deter opportunistic thieves by its mere presence, the systems laser, infra red movement sensors will zone in on any intruder. The EMLIMINATOR will pivot and follow with scary accuracy and speed, notifying a 24hr control room, so they can assess whether there is a threat that requires action.

The ELIMINATOR will protect your site from threat by sending a live, but immediate audio challenge via it’s PA system, warning the suspect that they have been captured and are being recorded in HD quality for use as evidence to the police - whom have also been notified! Should to observer feel it necessary, the unit can also emit an high pitched alarm.


The overall benefits of using the ELIMINATOR for solar farms are numerous..

- Remotely monitor your site 24/7, overnight, in difficult conditions such as wind and cold, any time you require.

- Intruders will be deterred by the presence of this intimidating unit, before they even consider breaking into your solar farm.

- Audio warnings to give the unsuspecting thieves a chance to reconsider their actions.

- Police will have HD clarity video imagery of any incident that occurs, making you high priority for their response.

- Reassurance that although you may not have a manned guard at your solar site, your security is at hand, and you can yourself log on and take a look, anytime day or night without getting your shoes dirty!


From only £250 per unit per week*, THE ELIMINATOR is fast becoming the go to measure for securing sites across the UK.

Plus each hire comes with a free site survey, on-site risk assessment and method statement, giving you that extra piece of mind so you can get on with the task at hand.

You can get in touch with us today on 0345 257 189871 or email us at [email protected] for more information.

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