V Ceptor Rapid Deployment Tower - Mobile CCTV

Protecting high value perimeters and items 24/7

The V Ceptor rapid deployment mobile CCTV Security Tower is the way forward in protecting your company and keeping your sites, goods and machinery protected from theft and vandalism. 

It is estimated that 95% of stolen plant is never recovered. Theft and vandalism can have a knock on effect on your business by increasing cost and time implications, which are far beyond the cost of instillation of good security measures.


The mobile CCTV is a totally transportable tower which enables all areas of your work sites and machinery to be covered.

We are able to provide both temporary and long term security solutions to meet your individual needs, assessments and made bespoke measures are made to deliver you the highest quality of security. 

The areas in which there is an increase for need and use of these mobile CCTV devices are 

  • Solar Farms - Generally located in wide open exposed locations and are very vulnerable to theft. As the clean energy revolution continues to grow the need for security is high on the list of priorities for solar farmers.
  • Forestry - Forest area is usually located in remote locations over difficult or rough terrain, by using mobile CCTV can enable you to protect your assets that mean that work and productivity can be constantly maintained whilst offering the observer a 24/7, off site observation tool.
  • Construction Protecting a construction site from theft and vandalism can be hard, with the draw from opportunists to take the high value plant and equipment and sell them on the black market have become a increasingly popular and sophisticated operation.

The mobile CCTV unit can provide 360º, HD video surveillance so a close eye can be kept over the sites.


Cost Effective Solutions

Mobile CCTV is now cost effective enough to provide contractors and surveyors with the opportunity to ensure that their sites are adequately protected by a high level of good quality digital observations 24/7/365 but which also provides video images which can be used for prosecution purposes. 

Mobile CCTV is proven to have a saving of up to 70% on static guarding costs, as well as less stress implications of staff sickness and holiday cover etc. 


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