James Price

As the Director at Guardwatch UK I specialise in innovative and cost effect security solutions, creating comprehensive and effective security strategies for my clients, so they can get on with their jobs knowing that they are covered.

I lead, train and manage a team of security professionals and have done so for over 20 years. My extensive skills include VIP Security, renewable security, manned guarding, crowd management and event security. My knowledge enables me to create personal security solutions that people can rely on.

I'm proud to maintain a focus on excellence in a hugely competitive industry - providing a highly skilled solutions to my customers.  


Dorian Davies

I've been doing this work for a long time, and seen the security industry change on a colossal level.

I'm particularly keen to see how the advances in technology change the industry even further. Seeing our clients' security plans enhance because of the combination of new innovations and traditional know how is revolutionising the industry. I'm enthusiastic to enable our clients to get the very best security solutions and cut their costs down substantially as a result.

I'm proud to be a member of the GuardWatch team. It's great to be involved in a company that has such a focus on excellence, and a dedication on quality and innovation. 

It's an interesting time.

Jim Price

The world has changed, and continues to change at a rapid speed.

Security measures seem to have remained the same for a long time but they have very recently changed in a BIG way! In the past a guard would come and sit at a clients premises or site, suited and booted in standard black trousers and white shirt. No accreditation or training, it was all based on the individuals capabilities to do the job on the day.

Regulatory bodies like the SIA were non existent, it was all based on trust and dedication to the role. However, we are now living in a very different world, and our clients need to know that the people they hire through us are exactly what they are paying for. 

It's incredible to see how our service of ‘manned guarding’ has now been revolutionised into manned surveillance, analysis, recognisance, solution focused guarding! It's pretty outstanding.

My early experience may have been the put-a-man-on-site traditional approach, but the level of professionalism and expertise that our guards hold now doesn't even come close to the levels of the past. SIA accreditation may not be something many traditional security firms sign up to...but I'm impressed with how our staff carry themselves and provide our clients with a level that far surpasses anything from the past.

Things have certainly changed!