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Protect Your Construction Site

Protecting a construction site or farm yard from theft can be one big headache for any site manager. Apart from working out which security measure is most effective, there are also the issues of time, cost and management.

If you are a site manger you may feel like the continuous possible security risks you have to manage are just too difficult to deal with, so why try anything at all? Maybe if something does get stolen one day, then it’ll be worth spending more time on avoiding?

Or you may even have many security strategies already set up, but wonder whether it’s all worth it? Quite possibly you’ve invested in a night guard, or have been using GPS tagging your equipment?

Whichever you’re mindset right now, it may still be tough to hear about construction machinery theft which seems to be shifting into the South and West of Wales areas.

Just today we saw in the South Wales Evening Post report how two brothers were finally caught on CCTV, charged and sentenced after a spree of burglaries around the Carmarthenshire, and South Wales construction sites. Stealing £450,000 worth of equipment, unfortunatley most of which has never, and will never be recovered.

It’s a sobering fact that less than 10% of all stolen plant equipment is ever found again. Plant equipment is more difficult to identify due to their generic design, are usually driven or used by numerous individuals who may not take any notice to it’s condition or general appearance, and the parts for these machines can be sold easily over the internet or within auction houses.

The Judge at the mens sentencing commented how these were “systematic thefts that clearly involved a significant degree of planing”. It seems that thieves are spending a fair amount of time researching possible sites and weak spots for which they can later target.

Their approach does however seem very simple.

  • Target sites with minimal security
  • Gain access through fence work
  • Use one of many plant universal keys
  • and, simply leave with as much equipment as they can get their hands on.

Guard Watch UK have traditionally supported construction sites with manned guards, a service they proudly continue to with a wonderful track record. However, this service may not be cost effective for every project

The modern, most cost effective approach? The Guard Watch Eliminator, state of the art mobile CCTV unit!

The Eliminator mobile CCTV unit is scarily futuristic. Apart from looking like it means business with it’s ‘don’t mess with me’ robocop cyclone face, it was also born from the same technology used in drones.

Things just got scary

This mean looking machine continuously records site activity within the day so site managers can see whats going on even when not physically on site. Great for monitoring productivity of staff, but more interestingly frees managers up to visit multiple sites from one spot.

Once the unit is armed (usually at night), the rapid deployment CCTV unit will alert the 24 hr control room of any suspicious activity. Zooming in and recording everything. It’s 360′ camera head pivots and follows with scary accuracy and a speed, utilising it’s white light imaging and infra red movement sensors to capture high resolution images day or night.

If that wasn’t frightening enough to any potential thief, the live PA system will make any thieves knickers twist when they hear it speak….with a real voice, telling them they have been seen, the police have been called and all images are being recorded for use as evidence and prosecution (or anything else you feel you want to say)!

Or quite simply the unit can let out an almighty alarm sound….and you’ll witness the chiefs response in high def!!

Finally something that pays for itself

Improved security can pay dividends, the cost of which can quickly be recovered through insurance discounts, reduced claims and less down time, but thats not really the best part….

The Predator also saves real money when compared to 24 hr manned guard services alone, saving upto a massive 70%.

If you think your site could benefit from a bit of modern day robocop, that will save you money, deter those thieves from even coming into your site during their research days, and know the second an intruder has accessed your site (in high resolution definition!), then call Guard Watch UK, and let them sort out the security, so you can focus on getting the job done.

Units are only £250 hire per week. Get in touch now at [email protected]

Cut your costs and SECURE your site.
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